Friday, November 28, 2008


still some issues - to start with i should have made a bigger windows partition when i installed xp

i slimmed down the isolist.ini file to one entry but i really need it to find the local .iso for figuring out how things are working - slowly getting further along though

below is the basic tasklist of what the installation consists of:
note that the tasks on the left match the message in the installation window
- helps just to get a basic idea of where things are

def get_installation_tasklist(self):
tasks = [
("Selecting target directory", self.select_target_dir),
("Creating the installation directories", self.create_dir_structure),
("Creating the uninstaller", self.create_uninstaller),
("Copying files", self.copy_installation_files),
("Retrieving the Metalin", self.get_metalink),
("Retrieving the ISO", self.get_iso),
("Extracting the kernel", self.extract_kernel),
("Uncompressing files", self.uncompress_files),
("Choosing disk sizes", self.choose_disk_sizes),
("Creating a preseed file", self.create_preseed),
("Adding a new bootlader entry", self.modify_bootloader),
("Creating the virtual disks", self.create_virtual_disks),
("Uncompressing files", self.uncompress_files),
("Ejecting the CD", self.eject_cd),
("Rebooting", self.reboot),

So backing up - in the basic info used before the windows frontend (the actual install window) the last function in the list below might be the one that finds the local .iso file

def fetch_basic_info(self):
Basic information required by the application dispatcher select_task()
''' = self.get_original_exe() = self.get_platform() = self.get_osname, = self.get_language_encoding() = os.environ = self.get_arch() = self.get_languages() = self.get_distros()
self.fetch_basic_os_specific_info() = self.get_uninstaller_path() = self.get_previous_targetdir() = self.get_previous_backupdir() = self.get_keyboard_layout() = self.get_total_memory_mb() = self.get_locale(, = self.find_any_cd(), = None, None #self.find_any_iso()

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