Sunday, October 5, 2008

gettin back on track

Ohhh too many distractions - got unix in a nusthell at the second hand shop 49cents
and a bunch of stuff out to the way so now ill get down to work

Just replaced the hard drive in my vaio and for 60 bucks it is working again (great I even have some screws left over) put a 20 G Ubuntu partition, the only thing I had handy, and put the RPM package on so I can work on RPM a bit before our guest speaker (Andrew Overholdt - he coming at Red Hat) tomorrow. I'll try to get Fedora on it too before his talk so I won't miss anything.

My Eee Pc is back running Xandros - I'll look at their wiki and figure out what I need to do (wifi drivers) to get Fedora going on it - later. Going through Chapter 5 on the Fedora Linux (tyler, 07) book now. I'll run a bunch of rpm commands trying out the combination of package queries and output options and put the results on a wiki here . Once I get the idea I'll start on the lab for the scripting class... more later

The presentation by the Red Hat package maintainers was great. I'm glad I am doing this after their presentation. There is a lot to it but they went through the whole process and explained everything as they went. Not just that though, they went through an example of submitting a package for review using a real world example (the package author was in the room) and even using the koji build system. There was a lot of information for a one hour session: my own focus was on their detailed analysis of the .spec file (that specifies the packaging build process). I regret that I didn't take advantage of the question period though, should have had some dumb question on hand since they were there and willing. Maybe, should have asked "what happens if you are building for both Solaris and Linux?", but I was too timid - well next time!

OK, so I am building and RPM for sqlite. That is the cool little database that doesn't require a server in the traditional way that mysql does. I pick this program for all my examples as I want to become really familiar with it - this one is important.

All the gory details are on my RpmLearn page

Here is the description of the source from the README:
The README: This package contains:

* the SQLite library amalgamation (single file) source code distribution,
* the shell.c file used to build the sqlite3 shell too, and
* the sqlite3.h and sqlite3ext.h header files required to link programs
and sqlite extensions against the installed libary.
* autoconf/automake installation infrastucture.

Following the advice from the PackageMaintainers pagepage, I installed sqlite from source on my Fedora laptop. I put all the guck here so I don't lose it

you know the routine: ./configure, make, make install

gonna hang this on matrix soon as i have time that is a little php/mysql tutorial that works

Now back to making an RPM. Specfile sqlite.spec here.

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Bossa Nesta said...

i'm glad that u got ur sony laptop working. And u got an Asus EEE now? which one did u get?