Friday, October 17, 2008

Wubi port project

This is my Fedora project. Port Wubi to Fedora.
I've been dragging my feet on this soooo, time to turn the page. I just got the source code for the new Wubi/lupin builds. Pure python. That surprised me - I had expected it to be a combination of C++ and python (with python replacing the earlier NSIS stuff) - even though I was told it was being written in python. The new code will be part of the Ubuntu 9.04 Just to make it very clear - I have no part in the Wubi Ubuntu installer project.

I will be using the new code - I am very grateful to Agostino Russo, the head of the Wubi project for giving me access to this code, I feel privileged. So far, I'v just set up my XP environment - I guess I didn't really need those compilers anyway :) well they are still useful for compiling the older Wubi which I will also need to learn from.

Anyway, thanks alot to the Wubi team!

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